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A 24/7 global wave of prayer which follows the sunrise



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Therefore, glorify the Lord in the dawning light... Isa.24:15

Over the years, God planted a vision within the ICEJ: A massive prayer wave moving over the face of the earth from East to West. Every hour. Every day.

As the sun rises over the face of the earth, men and women welcome the new day with praise and intercession for Israel and the nations of the world.


The PrayerWave is a call to Christians around the world to pray each day as the sun rises, creating a continuous wave of prayer in unity and purpose. This powerful prayer tsunami lifts up Israel, the nations, local communities and your personal needs.


PrayerWave connects individuals, local prayer groups, national and international prayer movements around the globe. It is a unique opportunity for every believer to become part of this global prayer movement which spans every time zone, continent and country.


Don't miss this dynamic move of God and join the PrayerWave today!

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