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Becoming an ICEJ Prayerwave Intercessor

Summary of the Sign-up Process

The call to rise early and seek the Lord’s face is not one we take lightly. As a PrayerWave intercessor, you will be contending for the Lord’s will and His purposes for the nation of Israel, Jerusalem, the world, your country, your community, and your life.


It is an honor to partner with Jesus as His purposes are being brought forth to the earth. As you consider representing your time zone as a watchman, please take time to pray before you make this decision and commitment.


The Lord is awakening an army to meet the dawning sun each morning, will you join?


Before you sign up:

This sign up form takes approximately five minutes to complete

  1. Fill out registration: Name, Email, Country, City, and Language

  2. Accept the General Statement of Faith (below)

  3. Read and fill in the Sacred Oath commitment

  4. When completed, you will receive a confirmation email

General Statement of Faith

​As part of the process, you will be asked to indicate your agreement to each of the following statements. Please read each statement carefully and be sure you are in full agreement. (Agreement with all seven statements is not required to complete the process.)

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) is a Bible-believing Christian organization that subscribes to orthodox Evangelical beliefs. These we believe are wholly consistent with the biblical revelation.


We believe in:


  1. The one God has revealed Himself in three persons, The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

  2. The Divinity of Jesus - Jesus is the full expression of God in bodily form. He is both fully God and fully man.

  3. The person and work of the Holy Spirit – He empowers believers for witness in the world and therefore validates the faithful preaching of God’s word with signs and wonders and various gifts of the Spirit.

  4. The divine inspiration of Scripture. All scripture is God-breathed.

  5. The finished work of Jesus on the cross as the only grounds of salvation for all men regardless of whether they are Jews or Gentiles. This salvation work is appropriated by faith alone.

  6. The physical and visible return of Jesus to the Mt. Of Olives.

  7. That the local church is the biblical body of Christ and that all believers in Jesus are required to assemble at one of these.

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